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Document windows

The Calamus document windows display, especially in magnified mode, a clip (portion) of the document. The clipped area can be moved with the horizontal and vertical sliders up to the edge of the document (or the edge of the layout area) at most. If you use the scroll-bar arrows instead of the sliders to move the window's clipping area, you can exceed this limit and even scroll to outside the document itself.

Usually you can only move the Calamus windows by grabbing the title line at the top of the window with the mouse and dragging it while holding down the left mouse button. Some TOS extensions in the meantime also offer dragging by grabbing the (thickened) side or bottom edges of the window.

Unlike in MS-Windows, Calamus windows can have their size increased or reduced only with the so-called sizer gadget at the bottom right corner of the window border. Also, unlike in MS-Windows, the Closer gadget is at top left (instead of right with Windows) and the Fuller to open the window up to its maximum size at top right. In the SL-WindowsPack the corresponding Windows icons have been adapted, so that users transferring from Windows would do not so easily make mistakes using the rather different window gadgets.

Calamus document windows give a direct indication of the size of the current document, as the window title line shows not just the current document name complete with its access path, but also the current page and the total number of pages. A small but very practical new feature, we believe. In addition, the page control buttons in the Coordinate bar show grey arrows as soon as you have reached the first or last page of a document while browsing through it.

If your TOS system supports the iconify feature, you will see a small triangle symbol at the right of the title line of the document window. If you click on this triangle, then the corresponding document window will be iconified. This means that afterwards a tiny emblem of the real large window will lie at the lower left corner of the screen. In contrast to other programs, Calamus iconifies its windows in such a manner that the document contents can be edited even in this mini-window! A double-click on such an iconified window opens it again to its full size.

If your TOS system supports the so-called backdrop button, you will see at top right of the document window before the closer (or before the iconification triangle if present) a further symbol which usually consists of two offset mini-boxes. Clicking on this places the current window right at the back of other windows. With this function it is very easy to top (bring to the front) windows lying at the back by moving the currently topped window right to the back with mouse-clicks on this gadget until the desired window is topped.

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