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File selection

Tell me what you are called: The file selection dialog

Whenever you load or save data on diskette or a hard drive, the data is stored on the mass storage device under a name. You will know from your computer's instruction manual that the file name basically is a significant file content description, followed by a dot and an extension of usually three characters. In addition there is the need to know in which directory the desired file is to lie. In order to facilitate the input of this directory and the appropriate filename, the operating system of the computer has a so-called File selector box built in. Since the operation of this standard file selector is rather cumbersome, Calamus contains its own greatly extended version, which is much easier to use.

The entire file selector dialog looks like this:

A heading informs you for which function you are about to select or define a filename for. In the dialog list all files and subfolders of this directory are shown. Beneath that you can see the name of the directory that is currently selected. At the very bottom are the input field for the filename, available sort criteria, and icons for some special functions.

The Calamus file selector box, one of the main dialogs used in your daily work, is quite complex at first sight. There are up to 25 files visible in the scrollable list at a time.

The input elements in detail:

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