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Calamus provides you with the possibility to work in different colour systems up to TrueColor (with 16.7 million colours). In addition ready-made standardized colour palettes as well as spot colours can be used.

Various modules place colour lists in their function panels for your use when you load in a file containing suitable colour objects, such as in the Lines module for instance.

You can allocate colours from this list to any selected object simply by clicking on one of the entries, not the colour patch, in the list.

The possibilities for setting up colours and fill patterns are so versatile that a specific module exists to handle these, though it is compulsory for this to be loaded in Calamus. It is located in the external module system file COLOR.CLL.

The operation of the dialog to set up and alter colours and patterns can be found in the corresponding Colour management module chapters. The Edit colour list dialog is called in different modules (wherever a colour list is provided or is needed); it is a system-wide module and is therefore included in the System module group. With it you can produce your own assortment of colours that will then be entered in a colour list that is displayed in those function panels that control the colour of objects, shadows etc. (Bitmap images are not included in this.)

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