Calamus 2015 Indice

Error messages

Listing of all the defined Calamus error numbers
(Version: 2015-06-24)

Errors with their own message box (self explanatory)

4 Memory full
18 Document has a version number that is not supported
25 Wrong file format (file is not a document)
30 Document cannot be saved since it contains fonts which are not licenced for this version of Calamus (imagesetter version)
32 Limits for justified setting cannot be adhered to (minimum/maximum space character width)
33 Font management module not loaded
44 Image output not possible, there is no colour seperation loaded
45 Image output not possible, there is no decompression module loaded
48 No more free windows available
64 General file read error
65 General file write error
66 Unexpected end of file reached
67 File access refused
68 Unknown drive
69 File access timed out
70 Defective sectors
71 GEMDOS has no more file handles available
72 File not found
73 Path not found
74 Diskette full
75 Diskette write protected
76 Non-specific error in input/output system
78 Wrong file format
79 Internal error in GEMDOS
101 No more space for further modules in the Top row
112 Module not found
303 Error in the conversion of a 1.09N document
311 Printing aborted manually
313 Not enough memory for printing
314 Internal error in printer driver
315 Special printer error (message is shown by the printer driver)
316 Timeout during printing
317 Printer is offline
318 No more paper available
319 Special printer error with option for automatic repetition
329 The printer driver does not understand the command
330 The internal structure of the printer driver is damaged
340 Page output overflow (Object is > 2 billion pixels)
341 Vector objects of more than 32,000 x 32,000 pixels cannot be output
342 Font structure damaged

Further errors with their own message box

All the errors in this section have their own message boxes, necessary because they require special treatment for their display (for example if the error message contains variable pararameters). If a module or program routine does not observe any of these error codes, they will instead show an Unknown error number . . .:

160 Frame not found:
The chosen function requires the selection of a frame of a certain type.
161 More than one frame selected:
The selected function can process only one frame at the same time.
176 Error when piping text frames:
The appropriate message is dependent on the current conditions (e.g. frame already chained)

The following errors occur with incorrect and/or unlicenced files:

144 Font not licenced for this Calamus
192 File is not in standard Calamus format
193 File is not a driver/module
194 Wrong driver type
195 The module is defective
196 Driver/module is not executable in Calamus S
197 Incorrect checksum
198 Driver/module is not licenced for this Calamus

These errors may occur in connection with dictionary administration:

200 Empty word (length 0)
201 Word too long
202 Word not found
203 Error in the structure of the compound word
204 Empty dictionary
205 Unknown character in word
206 End of the dictionary reached
207 Compound word has too many sections
208 No dictionary or hyphenation rules loaded
209 Non-specific error

Further errors:

300 Document loading aborted, the font is not loadable
301 Too many pages in the document:
If this error occurs you should think seriously about splitting up your document into smaller sections. That is because you have exceeded the upper limit of 999,999 pages ...
302 There are no frames in the selected area:
You have attempted to produce a group frame with no frames
360 Object cannot be deleted as it is still in use:
This error occurs in connection with lists (colours, styles, etc.)
700-799 Status codes for communication between Calamus and special modules (dependent on the respective module type)
800-999 Local status codes of certain functional units/modules:
These errors should never occur. If they do, however, then please contact invers Software Vertrieb with the exact error number. Afterwards you should save the document for safety's sake, since it is not clear whether the error was fatal or not.

Internal errors

All the errors specified here should actually never occur. If nevertheless one does, it points to an error in the program or one of the modules. For this reason these error codes appear as the message Internal error ...:

1 Memory structure destroyed:
This error is fatal. You should save your document immediately (for safety under a different name).
2 Unknown memory segment
3 Invalid segment handle
5 Wrong mode when accessing memory segment
6 Offset outside the segment boundary
16 Error during handling errors (2, 3, 5, 6, 16):
Calamus or a module produced a reservation error during memory management. You should save your document under a different name and start Calamus again.
17 Missing chaining of document segments
19 Wrong list index
20 Document segment of unknown type
21 Document segment not found
22 Chaining structure of the document is damaged
31 Invalid reference in document segment (17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 31):
Calamus or a module produced a reservation error during memory management. You should save your document under a different name and start Calamus again.

The following special errors should never actually occur. If one should however, the effects are normally quite harmless:

42 Incorrect parameter in graphic data
43 Incorrect parameter in image output
49 Incorrect parameter in window management
50 Incorrect parameter in window management (Window closed)
77 Unknown TOS error number
80 Incorrect parameter in file management
100 Incorrect parameter in module management
128 Incorrect parameter in image output

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