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Top row

The Top row: Everything important with one click

The Top row (beneath the Menu bar) is Calamus' function centre. Here you can call up the most important functions, find out the position and size of frames, and select the Calamus module you want to work with.

First, you see the icons representing up to 10 modules. In the default configuration, the modules of the standard package are already installed in the most useful order, though you can of course change them to suit your own requirements.

Calamus has room for additional modules. You can use the arrows to scroll the last five back and forth to see extra modules. The first five modules are always visible. The standard modules supplied with Calamus are described in this manual, grouped by theme. Each external module purchased has its own documentation.

It is possible to place the two parts of the Top row – the Module bar and Magnification/Coordinates bar – at any desired position of the Calamus desktop. (You can grab these windows at their left edge to move them, while double-clicking on the so-called Mover can minimise them.) A check is made on launching Calamus whether the positions of these two windows stored in the SET file can be used in the current screen resolution. If necessary the window positions will be re-set to sensible values.

The Module bar as well as the Coordinates bar are real windows, so they can be moved. Activate the window by clicking on the vertical bar at the left edge of the Module bar or Coordinates bar. The bar will then turn grey. If you keep the mouse button held down over the bar, you can move the window to any desired position on the screen.

Tip: A double-click on the active bar shrinks the window down to the size of the bar. This may be desirable in some situations to win even more space on the screen to display other things. A repeat double-click opens the shrunk window once more.

Tip: By clicking on an empty module icon field in the Top row you can call up the External modules dialog directly, which is otherwise called from the File menu.

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