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Imposition module lite


If Imposition module lite is loaded, an additional button at the right of the Calamus Output parameters/Print dialog called Mount becomes selectable. If you click on this button you can set the printing parameters of the Imposition module in the following dialog:

You can also call up Imposition module lite from the Page module, by clicking on the Mount settings icon of the Page mounting function group.

Imposition module lite always outputs two pages side by side. For this the set page size is ignored, say to test whether the registration marks will be output correctly. You can select from three ways to output the pages through Imposition module lite.

In these examples an 8-page document is used, but you can output a document with any number of pages. The options List and Magazine require the total number of pages to be a multiple of two. The Newspaper option must be a multiple of four. It doesn't matter whether these are single or double pages.

Output with Imposition module lite takes the following Print dialog parameters into account: From page, To page, Number of copies, Pages sort order, Left/Right sides only, Mirrored, Inverse, Orientation and Size scaling. If there is more than one copy entered, depending on the printing mode, the appropriate number of sets are printed.

The total number of pages always determines the number of pages to be output. For instance, if you choose to output an 8-page document as a Magazine but instruct the program to print just From page 2 to page 2, only the print-page is output on which page 2 is supposed to be, i.e. the print-page 2,7.

When you want to print a real magazine or brochure with the help of Imposition module lite, you can first print all left pages, sorted in ascending order. If you then put the pages back in the printer so that the reverse side can be printed, you may re-start the printing process with the parameters: Right only, Descending order.

Tip: Imposition module lite is somewhat restricted in its functions and the output resolution – it is after all a Lite version. If you require output resolutions above 720 dpi, a more complex imposition layout or further functions during imposition, we recommend to you the more powerful full version of the Imposition module, called Imposition PRO, which can also work in conjunction with the full version of Bridge and the Fine data manager.

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Last updated on June 24, 2015