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Module for Print dialogs (alarm after printing)

Pling for Calamus tinkles at the end of a printing process.

Pling links itself into the Print dialog and can be switched on by clicking on the small bell icon at the lower right of that Print dialog. With the adjacent Parameter button you can call up a relevant setting dialog in which five different types of alarm can be chosen at present:

In addition, a checkbox can be activated for ending the nuisance automatically after a set time. When the checkbox is selected (crossed) you can input in the adjoining editable field the number of seconds (max. 999) after which the row should terminate.

These settings can be saved with the Save button and will then be available in the same form the next time the Pling module is loaded. (The module writes a file named PLING.SET to the MODULES folder.)

How do I stop the alarm?
Simply press the key combination [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift] – as always if you want to break off an output process in Calamus.

Warning: The alarm itself (i.e. the activation of Pling in the Print dialog) can not be saved in this way. You have to save it to the CALAMUS.SET file with Save system settings of the Options menu, or via the Save button in the Print dialog box.

Pling, as the first attempt at programming a module by Ulf Dunkel, is only intended as a small jest and makes no pretensions to perfection.

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Last updated on June 24, 2015