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Bombadil FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do Bombadil messages in the window only draw attention to problems, or have they been repaired already?"

Normally Bombadil repairs an error it has recognized immediately. If the document is seriously damaged, however, it can't do any more and reports an "Unexpected error". In these cases the checking of the document is terminated and the data structures remain defective.

"Can I switch off the pesky report window?"

Of course! In the "Styles and colours of objects copied via the clipboard" dialog there is a "closed" option. If you select this, the log window will remain closed.

"Do I still need Bombadil for the new Calamus SL?"

Yes. Some of the errors that Bombadil removes have not yet been located and rectified in the new Calamus SL. In addition, one is confronted repeatedly with older documents that – partly due to Calamus bugs that have long been fixed – give rise to problems of some kind. With Bombadil's repair functions some of these can be solved.

"Bombadil reports an unexpected error during repairs. What now?"

This happens when the data structures are so badly damaged that when Bombadil acccess them an error is reported to it. This terminates the capability of the module; the document will not be checked any further, the error cannot be rectified.

In such cases you should check whether you can still open the Text style and Colour list dialogs and that both lists appear correct. If not, it may be possible to save the frames by moving them via the clipboard into a new document (Select all, Group, Copy to clipboard etc. for every page). There have also been documents where only a single page or a frame was damaged beyond repair. By deleting the page or the frame, the problem could be eradicated.

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