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Bridge 7



This Bridge chapter applies both to the full version of Bridge 7, which may be purchased separately for Calamus, as well as the Lite version which is part of the standard package (as of SL2003).

With Bridge 7 you now have the central output module for object oriented PostScript, EPS, PDF and plot files in your hands, which can do many other important jobs as well. You can alter any kind of raster image frame in appreciably more complex and different ways than in the Frame module. You may change all text frames of a complete document to vector frames at a single mouse click (perfect for export and document transport without fonts). Other features of the Bridge 7 module are colour separation control functions and pre-rasterization of image frames. We hope you will be able to work with this module without problems after you read this part of the manual and really use this "bridge" to PostScript and other worlds of foreign data formats.

Like many other complex Calamus modules, Bridge uses the so-called Function panel and offers 6 different function groups in this panel:

Dataformer function group

EPS & PostScript export function group

PDF export function group

Convert to bitmap graphic function group

Convert to vector graphic function group

Bridge settings function group

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