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Colour list converter


If you want to keep full control of the colours used in your document, call up this module before imagesetting or colour printing at the latest.

The Colour list converter (COL_CONV.CXM module) converts all free colours that are present in a document to colour list colours.

Free colours are always tied to the object for which they were created. In addition they are always stored as RGB values. The conversion to list colours therefore brings several advantages:


Call up the module in the File menu with External modules (if necessary load it first) and when it is selected, click on Execute in the dialog. A small query dialog appears:

Confirm the query with Yes. Everything else happens automatically.

At the end of the conversion process the number of free colours found and converted will be displayed.

Technical details:

The module always attempts to make do with the colours already present in the list and to use them. This prevents the creation of countless numbers of identical colours. Newly generated list colours are given the three RGB values of the free colour, e.g. R100 G49.8 B0.

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Last updated on June 24, 2015