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Printable area border visible/invisible

The edge of the printable area is shown in symbolic form as a dotted rectangle with strongly rounded corners and should help you to find the correct page layout for direct output on a given printer. This is because not all printers are able to print sheets right up to their edges.

Depending on the currently selected printer driver (chosen in the Print dialog of the File menu), the edge of the area that can be printed on will be marked with a dotted outline if this is switched to visible. Any objects in the border areas outside this will not be printed.

The position of the printable area on the screen however depends also on whether you have switched on the output of crop-marks, the page orientation (portrait or landscape), a given enlargement or reduction and other factors that have an effect on the actual printable area defined in the printer driver.

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HomeVisibilityReference pin visible/invisiblePage border visible/invisible