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Hold on a mo' – The clipboard module

Here you can store frames, texts and rulers temporarily for later use. External modules too can use the clipboard for their own data structures.

Are you familiar with a clipboard? It is a small wooden, metal, card or plastic board with a spring clip at the top. Here you can store papers temporarily (the clip holds them in place even if chaos reigns on your desk) and if you need them again later you can simply take them off the clipboard again.

Calamus has a universal clipboard in which you can store any number of objects (frames, text rulers, texts). You can use it for removing a frame from a page and inserting it another one, for instance. The second page may even lie in another document; when creating a new document all data in the clipboard are retained.

Additional modules can use the clipboard as well. The Clipboard module is the only permanently installed module. It is displayed in the Top row at far left and called up by clicking on its module-icon.

The Clipboard module has only a single function group.

There is room to display five clipboard objects in the function panel. To see further objects (if present), you can use the scroll-bar at the left edge of the list to browse through them.

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Last updated on June 24, 2015

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