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Calvin is a module for Calamus SL and offers half automatic calibration of screen representation in 256 screen colours. We call it half automatic because before the calibration can be used, a profile has to be created first, according to the (optical) estimations of the user. Then the profile is presented in a list in the Calvin function panel – one click assigns it to the screen. You can even link a profile to a document, a master page or a layout page, making the calibration switch automatically – at last when turning the pages – as desired.

In order to have access to different combinations of profiles, e.g. for a library of HKS duplex simulations (see tutorial, Spot color simulations), profiles can be assembled to lists.

As an important feature of Calvin it pays attention to let switching the screen modes no longer give strange results in the 3D effects. Before, when you switched the mode, gray window elements became black in grayscale mode or dark green in 256 colour mode. This is history!

Important: Calvin does only work with 256 screen colours and cannot be used with COL_GREY.CXM at the same time. Please do never load Calvin and COL_GREY.CXM at the same time. Calvin quits if you try and use it with other screen colour modes than 256 colours.

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