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This area first of all displays the current coordinates of the selected frame: X, Y, dX, dY in the usual display that will be familiar from the coordinates display in the Calamus Coordinates bar.

Important: The point of origin to which these coordinates refer is normally the top left corner of a frame. However you can alter this reference point at any time at the right of this section. Just click on one of the nine small reference points – the display will be adapted immediately. In this way you can find the centre of a frame immediately, for instance.

Below the coordinates fields you will find various buttons, which require a short explanation:

X -> M

A click on this button writes the coordinates that are currently being displayed in the coordinate fields into memory of the Coordinates manager. The M here represents Memory, just as in a pocket calculator.


A click on this button, whose abbreviation RM represents Recall memory, transfers the four values stored in memory into the coordinates display. In other words, the current frame coordinates will be overwritten by the values stored in the Coordinates manager.


These four buttons react in a similar way to RM, but in each case only a portion of the four coordinates values will be transferred, namely those corresponding to the button legend.


If you click on this button, then the X-value of the coordinates display will be altered in such a way that after transfer the frame will be centred horizontally on the current page.


If you click on this button, the Y-value of the coordinates display will be altered so that the frame will be centred vertically on the current page afterwards.

Old value

This button is a sort of UNDO buffer and contains the values of the frame position and dimensions at the time this dialog was opened, until you close the dialog with [OK] (and so perhaps altered the values).

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