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Document converter


With Document converter, various kinds of Calamus documents will be converted on loading to the current Calamus document format. This conversion will be carried out not only for Calamus documents (CDK) from the old Atari black & white version Calamus 1.09 and 1.09N, but also for older SL- and PC-Calamus documents.

Important: Calamus raster information files (CRI), colour lists (CFT) and many other sub-sets of Calamus documents are files that may be adapted by the Document converter if necessary.

Therefore, generally the Document converter should be one of the modules that is loaded permanently.

The Calamus document format is generally not downwards compatible!

When internal changes to the document format have been made during further developments of Calamus, the document format can no longer be loaded by older Calamus versions. Therefore documents produced by SL2003 can not be loaded into older versions, for instance.

Because we did not change the document format from SL2003 to SL2006, you will still be able and load SL2006 CDK files in SL2003.

Tip: So that all conversion functions work without problems it is very important that you always load the Document converter module as early as possible, as it converts not just CDKs but also rasters, control curves, colour tables etc. if they are in the old format. It is also important that the converter is loaded before modules that use their own SET files (for instance the Vector module). (The SET file we supply naturally takes this into consideration.)

There are very differentiated options if and how Document converter should report the former Calamus version of a document type.

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