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The rasterizing procedure is very simple. After you have made the basic settings in the module and selected a frame, you can start the rasterizing process by clicking on this icon.

In most cases you are likely to select greyscale, RGB or CMYK graphics for rasterization. However, you may work with all other frame types as well.

Calamus now creates – according to your settings – a so-called module-specific frame (uniframe) that holds the FM data. Once the rasterizing is complete, you will find the original and FM frames lying exactly over each other.

Important: Do not forget to remove the original graphics frame(s) from the page before printing, otherwise it/they may show through the FM raster, and you will lose most of the advantages of FM rasterizing! But at least for the duration of the print output you should save the original data first (say to the clipboard). That way you will retain the original data, because a back-conversion of the FM data is not possible.

Warning: The computation time rises quite appreciably for large quantities of image data and high resolutions. Therefore be sure that your computer has sufficient RAM installed. Otherwise, or in addition, you have to use other means for virtual management of your memory (see Fundamentals / Concepts).

For printing your documents that contain FM graphics, the StarScreening module has to have been loaded into memory. Otherwise these frames will not be printed with the rest of the document. If you want to imageset your FM graphics, then the imagesetting bureau must possess the StarScreening-Pro module. For adapting the gradation to resolutions higher than 600 dpi, you may need additional customized gradation control curves.

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HomeImage parametersCreate Black colour layerCheck resolution