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StarScreening exercise

A Calamus document with several images is to be output on a 600 dpi laser printer in as high a quality as possible (i.e. FM-rastered in this case). You have to process one image after the other. In this version of StarScreening, processing of several images is not possible in one pass. You need not necessarily keep to the order of the example sequence below.

  1. Load the StarScreening module if it is not installed already.
  2. Make the appropriate settings in the module, i.e. select a suitable control gradation curve (CK1 for monochrome images, CK4 for multi-coloured images) in the second function group.
  3. Check whether the correct separation is selected for the RGB data. Optionally, gradation correction can be undertaken just with the separation control curves (CK7). In this case please do not select any of the options mentioned above in the StarScreening module and only use the supplied CK7 curves.
  4. Select a frame (e.g. a CMYK image). For a multi-coloured image select all colour layers for output. For a monochrome image a single colour layer suffices. In most cases this will be black (K).
  5. Specify the desired resolution. In our example this is 600 dpi.
  6. Start the rasterizing with the appropriate function.
  7. If you have selected the relevant option, then you will be asked now for the gradation curves to be used. The file selector opens for you to choose a file. For our example this is HP4M600U.CK4.
  8. Now a module-specific frame will be created for the selected frame. After the required computation, this will store the FM data.
  9. Repeat the process for all images.
  10. For the print output, remove the original data of the images (to the clipboard, for example).
  11. Start printing in the usual way.

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