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Drawing tools

The single largest part of the FrankLIN dialog is the control area graph. This contains the control curve data obtained from the graphic frame and allows it to be edited (modified). Various tools are available to do this. When changing from one mode to another, FrankLIN asks whether the data should be converted.

You can move between the individual tool modes as you like, and FrankLIN will try to convert the data appropriately as well as it can. Due to the special properties of Bézier curves it is not possible, however, to convert other tools to a Bézier, though the Bézier can be converted to all other tools. And all others between each other as well, of course!

Incidentally, the Bézier control point data will not be lost when quitting FrankLIN. Rather they are linked to the document, and when called, FrankLIN checks whether there are suitable control points in the passed data. If there are, it will use these and if not, use the passed data.

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