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Setting the linearity curves

The setting of the linearity curves works in exactly the same way as setting the control curves for colour images, with the difference that this correction is performed for all colours directly before outputting to film or paper.


Unlike the control curves in the colour separation process or the image control curves, those of the LIN module will be applied in the final output stage and so affect all intensities.


To make sensible use of the LIN module, the control curves should of course not be altered or loaded at every system start. It is therefore possible to set a standard default definition which will be activated every time the module is loaded.

This standard definition will be taken from the file DEFLIN.CK4, which has to be placed in the same folder as the LIN.CXM module. The simplest way is to make the correct settings in the LIN module (FrankLIN) and then store these in the module folder with Save. In the file selector that appears select the path that also contains the module. Then enter the filename DEFLIN.CK4 and select [OK] to save the settings under that name.

From now on these settings will be used for all print output if the LIN module is loaded in the Calamus¾ system.

Warning: If you have assigned a LIN CK4 curve to a document and then save the document, the CK4 curve is contained in the document and will be used the next time it is output even if the LIN module is not loaded.


You should only use this module if your print output device falsifies the output intensities and you are not satisfied with them. But you should always know exactly what you are doing, as incorrect settings can result in horrible print output. Once you become familiar with it, you can of course also play around to try out effects that can be achieved with it.

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