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There are many different ways to draw a line in a line frame. Calamus supports a variety of them in two function groups. In the first group, the first four rows show line types which, in various ways, use both the full height and width of the frame. By selecting the appropriate icon you can make the line slanted, rounded or angled from one corner of the frame to the one opposite. The line will be drawn in the direction of the arrow; that is, the line-end will lie at the point of the arrow, while the line-beginning will be in the opposite corner. Whether (and where) arrowheads will really appear can be set independently in the Line colour and attributes function group (see below).

In the next two rows you can select lines to be drawn exactly horizontal or vertical. You can decide whether the vertical line will be displayed on the left edge, in the middle, or on the right edge of a line frame. Similarly, you can place horizontal lines at the top, middle or bottom of a line frame. As you can see from the arrowheads on the icons, vertical lines are always drawn from the bottom to the top, horizontal ones from left to right.

With the two bottom icons in this function group you can draw crossed lines, either at the mid-points of the line frame or from corner to corner.

The line types of this function group are intended for special purposes. The shape drawn should be obvious from the icons. These too occupy the complete height and/or width of the line frame.

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