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Line thickness

You can set line thickness (width) either in the measurement unit selected under Set unit of measurement in the Page module, or you can select one of the pre-set widths. Selection is simple: Click on the number field, use the [Esc] key to clear the line, enter the desired value and then press [Return] to make sure that the new value will be adopted. With this function you can create lines that are over a metre wide, but in that case you are unlikely to see much of your document!

To select one of the eight pre-set line thicknesses, click on the desired icon, which will then be framed. The value in the number field will show the actual thickness of the line in the chosen unit of measure. The dotted line shown on the far left is called a Hairline. Hairlines are always one pixel wide in the resolution of the output device and so do not change in width if you magnify their frame on screen. If you print a hairline on an imagesetter, it would be only 1/100 mm (1/2540 of an inch) thick in the highest resolution, and would be difficult or impossible to see after copying.

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