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Working with a graphics tablet

If you have a graphics tablet that's capable of reporting stylus pressure to the computer, then it's possible to use this information to control the different parameters in the Paint module.

For this an ASGARD compatible graphics tablet driver must be installed in the system. The ASGARD driver specification is recognised and supported as standard at present by most software houses in the Atari area.

If the driver is installed, then pressure information as well as mouse position is supplied to the Paint module. That means that it's possible to change the tools' parameters according to pressure. This dependency is freely adjustable with control curves. These are evaluated so that the value set at far left of the relevant parameter is the one used with very light pressure, and the value set at far right with full pressure.

All parameters can be set to be adjustable with pressure, just as it's possible to specify that individual parameters only should be pressure sensitive. For example a tool with constant size and sharpness but with variable intensity can be generated; an airbrush is also possible with which reduced pressure (= "increasing distance") enlarges the working area but simultaneously lowers the intensity.

The Paint module is suppplied with a setup file with some tools already set for a pressure sensitive graphics tablet.

Since movements of a stylus can be executed much quicker than a mouse, we recommend that the mouse buffer be switched on when working with the tablet. Note that the resolution of the tablet should not be set too high, values between 100 and 300 dpi are sufficient.

The WACOM driver from adequate systems for example should be set to 500 dpi with its CPX, the sampling frequency to 100/s and the characteristic to 4 x 1/4, which corresponds to a resolution of 125 dpi. Naturally, you can change these values at any time if you wish. Check your driver's manual if necessary to find how to change the values for your tablet and driver.

It has to be said that graphics tablets co-operate outstandingly with the Paint module, and that you should not miss the extension of your creativity which the combination will bring.

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