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Vectorization by Speed~Line:

There are several possibilities for vectorizing pixel graphics in Speed~Line:

  1. Select a pixel graphic to be vectorized. In this case the pixel graphic will be vectorized at 1:1 scale. For this the size of the vector frame does not have to be brought to optimum screen size.
  2. Select several pixel graphic frames. These will then be processed in turn.
  3. Draw up a vector graphic frame over the portion of the pixel graphic that is to be vectorized. Everything that is within this frame will then be processed in the current resolution (but not smaller than 1:1).
  4. The third mode described can be performed also with several vector graphic frames simultaneously. These will then be processed in turn.
  5. If you select a vector graphic frame that already contains a graphic, you have the option of inserting the new graphic in it.

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