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CMYK plane swapper


Some of the Calamus import drivers for raster images support formats that contain images as already separated CMYK data. This data is then taken over by Calamus in the same form. Practice has shown, however, that depending on the origin of the source data two or more of the four colour layers (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK) may have been interchanged at times. The CMYKSWAP module is intended to remedy this.


Please select just one image frame with CMYK data. After this call the module and click on the function button. A small dialog will appear where you can set which of the four colour layers should be swopped with another specified layer.

A click on [OK] starts the action.


The module does not remember which colour layers it has swapped already. If called up again, it assumes that, say, the cyan layer really contains the cyan part of the image data, even if you have previously swapped cyan with some other layer.

With the CMYKSWAP.CXM module you can swap individual colour layers for images that are in the CMYK colour space (and only those!).

First select the desired raster image. If not done previously, you now have to load the module. Then call it up in the External modules dialog of the File menu.

In the dialog that now appears, select in the left half the colour layer that is to be swapped, and in the right the colour layer which is to be swapped with the left one.

After clicking [OK] the image will be recalculated and displayed anew on the screen. Changes may be reversed at any time by a repeated swap of the same colour layers.

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