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  1. Please make a copy of the installation floppy disk and keep the original in a safe place. Perform all further steps only with the copy.
  2. Open the main folder of the floppy disk and copy all folders (MODULES etc.) from this folder to your Calamus folder on the hard drive. This way all files will land up at the correct place in the Calamus folder.
  3. Launch your Calamus SL (Text converter won't run with versions older than SL99!). In the File menu select the "External modules" entry. In the dialog that appears, click on "Load". A file selector box appears, where you should click on the file TXT_CONV.CXM. Now click on "OK".
  4. If Text converter is to be loaded automatically when Calamus is launched, you still have to save the Calamus settings (Options menu, Save system settings).

We wish you much success with the Text converter!

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