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UNDO module



UNDO = Take back an action.
REDO = Restore an action that has been taken back.

The UNDO module offers the possibilities of an UNDO and REDO to many functions, i.e. taking back an executed action and restoring again an action that has been taken back respectively.

The UNDO module works very closely with Calamus and uses its newly introduced Inspector technology to recognise and log actions that have been performed by individual modules, as well as making them available for UNDO and REDO functions.

The most important functions (above all the Frame editing module) have already been restructured to use the UNDO methodology, but the majority of the modules for Calamus SL have not had all their functions adapted for it as yet. Please note that the actual UNDO capability always resides in the module that executes the function. The UNDO module is just a coordinator for these functions. In future, therefore, repeated intermediate updates of individual modules will be published when more of their functions have been made UNDO-capable.

Please note also that various standard package modules and separately sold modules (for instance the Align tools, LineArt, Eddie, Paint) already have their own, in part very powerful, UNDO methods.

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Last updated on June 24, 2015

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