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Recorded actions

This list shows the UNDO actions that have been recorded so far. The individual actions have names that are assigned by the corresponding module, say Delete frame (from the Frame editing module).

This list serves in the first place for visual control of the current state of the UNDO/REDO mechanism, as the current step is displayed in inverse video (normally the last entry in the list).

Clicking on individual list entries has no effect, as jumping about in the list is not possible for technical reasons. Think about this a little: If you did not wander backwards step by step towards the start of the history of your document creation, but could just leave out some steps, then it could happen that you try to restore (or delete) frames that don't even exist in the timeframe that you have jumped to in the list.

Do you know the film trilogy Back to the Future?

Please do not mistake – with full sympathy of this wish – the UNDO mechanism of, say, Photoshop with that of Calamus: Photoshop offers the possibility to jump back and forth in its UNDO list. But – Photoshop can only edit a single picture at a time. In Calamus the UNDO mechanism must be able to restore any kind of actions in a document that have been performed by modules about which Calamus cannot know exactly what they are doing.

The actual UNDO methodology is contained in each individual module; the UNDO module just coordinates it. So if some functions of some modules are not yet UNDO-capable then this means that the UNDO methodology has not yet been incorporated or supplemented in these modules.

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