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Frame-type conversions

These seven icons convert the selected frame into an empty frame of the desired type. If you have selected a raster area frame, say, and then click on the Convert frame to text frame icon, the raster area frame will be converted to an empty (!) text frame.

When designing a layout this allows you to create first raster area frames in the desired size (placeholders) which will later contain photographs and graphics, for instance. Once the layout work is completed and you decide which photographs are to be included in the document, the raster area placeholder frames can be converted quickly to raster graphic frames without disturbing your layout.

Or this function can be very useful as well if you prefer to use a raster graphic in place of a vector graphic that has exactly the same size and position in a layout.

As the content of the frames is deleted when you click on one of these functions, an alert box will warn you beforehand. Furthermore, you should keep some points in mind when using functions in this group:

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