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The module is loaded just like any other module, so place it in the MODULES folder. Incidentally, the Version checker does not have to be kept loaded permanently in Calamus. Just the opposite: When you want to use the Version checker, it is recommended that in some circumstances you remove all other products from memory, so that your work with the Version checker does not lead to collisions between product items loaded already and those still to be loaded.

Example: If you have loaded Bridge (full version) and the Version checker has not yet tested BRIDGE6.CXM before it finds BRIDGE6L.CXM (the Lite version) in the MODULES folder, it will not be able to load Bridge lite correctly, as this will be prevented by the Bridge full version. The analysis of Bridge lite after this will hardly show any sensible data. – If however you have previously removed the Bridge full version from memory beforehand, the Version checker will be able to load and check all Bridge versions one after the other without problems.

Tip: If you remove product items from memory before calling the Version checker, make sure that the Calamus settings are not saved automatically when you exit Calamus. Otherwise you will not find modules loaded previously stored in the Calamus.SET file and at the next start only the Version checker will be loaded!

If you have not removed the product items from memory before calling the Version checker, it will kick them out itself one by one during checking, and note their order so that after finishing work it can reload them automatically in the same order.

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