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This universal printer driver requires NVDI as a system extension in the host operating system under which you launch Calamus. The correct way for installing NVDI will be found in the NVDI manual.

After the printer driver is installed, it establishes contact with NVDI and printing will be always via GDOS/VDI. Paper format, printer options and similar settings have to be made in the NVDI driver installed in the system. As a rule this is done via a suitable desk accessory or the Control Panel. Please also consult the documentation for your GDOS, NVDI or special printer driver.

If you click on the Output devices button at top right of the Calamus Print dialog, a selection dialog appears that permits you to change the current NVDI driver if required.

Memory for VDIPrint

In order to be able to print from Calamus via GDOS/VDI, Calamus must leave sufficient memory free for the system. If the alert No VDI printer driver found! appears while trying to load the printer driver, then this may be due to the fact that the memory settings in the System parameters module have been set too low. In that case, increase the set values in the System parameters module that specify how much memory Calamus should keep free for the operating system:

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Home – What's it for?
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