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WinPrint: Error recovery

Sometimes we are informed by Calamus users that WinPrint does not understand the parameters of native Windows printer drivers correctly. The main reason is that many Windows printer driver developers do not keep strictly to the documentation of the Windows GDI interface.

Although you might be able and print from other Windows applications using the same printer driver, this must not be true for Calamus. WinPrint tries to convert the printer driver information correctly into the Calamus print system. But if e.g. an EPSON inkjet printer driver offers 720 dpi maximum print resolution, WinPrint can offer just 720 dpi – even if the product advertisements on your printer package tell you about higher resolutions.

You can help yourself and us to fix problems with Windows printer drivers. If you cannot print with your current printer driver from Calamus, then follow the steps described below:

  1. Each time you print with WinPrint, it writes a log file. You will find this ASCII readable file under C:\GDIPRN.LOG on your hard drive.
  2. Please send us this log file via email.
  3. Please give us in your email detailed information about your computer, your Calamus version and the according printer.

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Last updated on June 24, 2015

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