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Always accessible – the Menu bar

Calamus uses two types of operating elements: Icons access most of the functions for creating and editing documents, while menus are used for global functions such as loading, saving, printing and other mostly housekeeping tasks. This chapter deals with the menus, which are accessible from the Menu bar.

Several Calamus functions do not belong to any specific module, but must be available all the time. These are primarily the functions in the Top row. However, since there is not enough space there for all global functions, some of them had to be put in the dropdown menus. Move the pointer over the word Calamus, File, Options or Help at the top of the screen and a list of functions (a menu) will drop down. You may click on any of the functions to activate them, or click outside the menu to make it disappear. Since menu functions require two separate mouse movements (select the menu, then select the function), they are only used for functions which are not frequently required.

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