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Function panel

Calamus offers you a bewildering number of functions and possibilities for the processing and organisation of your documents. With the loadable external modules you can substantially increase this function range still further. In order to keep the abundance of functions manageable, these have been split into several large areas or spheres of operation, the so-called modules. Each module consists of up to 16 function groups, each of which can contain up to 21 functions. The principle resembles a file folder, within which a number of files can be summarised under a header. Additionally, module functions are accommodated in drop-down menus and in the Top row already described.

Calamus SL always has at least one function panel. This function panel can be moved on the desktop by clicking and dragging its window title. In order to open a second function panel, click on the top right Fuller window gadget of the first function panel. A popup appears in which you choose the Copy entry:

Following this a new, second function panel will be situated on top of the first, and can be freely positioned by you on the desktop. If you then wish to close one of several function panels, click again on the Fuller and choose the Close entry in the popup. Naturally, you may also click directly on the Closer gadget at the top left corner of a function panel window in order to close a function panel (apart from the last).

If you want a certain function panel to always show only a given module, set everything in this function panel the way you would like to see it from now on, and select Fix in the popup. Immediately afterwards the function panel window title line shows fixed.

To make the settings or modifications of the function panels permanent and also to be active at the next program start, save the Calamus setup file in the usual way (Options menu, Save system settings).

To change between the different modules you click on a module icon in the Top row. Its first (or the last selected function group for this module) appears in the current function panel.

You can delete all modules except for the clipboard module. All modules (including the clipboard module) can be replaced by others. More information can be found in the section File menu, External modules.

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