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What is RTF?

RTF means Rich Text Format, a system independent text format developed by Microsoft. It contains a maximum possible intersection of text format instructions. Using thi format, you can basically change documents between different text proceeding programs and keep the formatting of the text from one application to another identically.

All theory, dear friend, is gray ...

Of course you know like we know, that it is a long way from concept to reality. During the development of RTF-ImEx we have met the craziest RTF formats. Each application implements this exactly defined format a little bit different. Some take all you can eat and spit it out the same way – other apps don't even understand their own blunder. Please don't expect miracles from RTF-ImEx. It does a tough job when you transfer foreign, pre-formatted text documents into Calamus, but it cannot proceed underdone stuff like other applications which expect valid RTF.

RTF-ImEx interprets the loaded RTF text and converts it into Calamus text as much as possible where almost all RTF text attributes, styles and formattings are kept and therefore don't have to be reformatted in Calamus after import.

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