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Operating instructions

When you load the Barcode generator from the File menu's External modules entry and execute it, a dialog appears that shows on the left a list of all available code families.

Select the desired type of barcode. The right side of the dialog offers some additional parameters.

Number of codes

In this editable field you specify how many codes you would like to create. The default value is 1.

Increase succ. codes

This option is useful only if you entered a value greater than 1 at Number of codes. Then the codes generated are not identical but will be incremented successively by the value given here. Please note that not all types of barcodes can be altered at will. A code with a fixed length like the EAN8 with eight digits, for instance, can not be increased by 100,000,000, of course; in the same way, take care when using alphanumeric codes like Code39. If you encode information like CALAMUS SL here, say, the module will find it difficult increasing this by 100! So please ensure when using alphanumeric codes that the right part of the code contains numeric information if this is to be incremented by the module.

Example: Select Code39 and enter FALCON 030. Set the Number of codes to 3 and Increase succ. codes to 10. You will then get FALCON 030, FALCON 040 and FALCON 050 codes. Try it now with IBM PC. You will see it does not work! If you want to create several identical codes at one go, set the Increase value to 0.

Protect code chars

Some types of codes are coded on a fixed schedule. For example, the EAN13 code is made up of four parts. The first two digits reflect the manufacturer country, the following five digits encode the manufacturer, the next five are the article number itself and the last digit is a control character. If you are working on a project for one manufacturer that uses different barcodes, then the first seven digits will always be the same. If you set Protect code chars to 7, the first seven digits of the code entered last will not be cleared when you execute the module again. Then you will only have to enter the last 6 digits for the next code.


Here you enter the information to be coded. Please bear in mind that you will not be able to enter alphabetical characters for a numeric code, of course. Furthermore you will have to enter the required number of digits when using codes with defined lengths. As a reminder the Barcode generator shows the least number of digits required for each individual type of code.

Write code in OCR-B font, too

Select the button Write code in OCR-B font, too if you want the coded information to be generated as a readable OCR text line below the barcode as well.

Multiple input

Normally the module will be closed after a barcode has been created and you will find yourself back in the document layout. If you do not want to exit the module, please select the button Multiple input.

Reading barcode data from serial port ...

As a special feature, the invers Barcode generator supports barcode reader tools connected to one of the serial ports of your computer. So if you have an unknown code format before you or simply want to minimize the risk of input errors, you can connect any scanner or barcode reader to one of the serial ports. Incidentally, the module cannot recognize what type of code an item of information was encoded in. For example, if you have selected the code 2/5 interleaved and you scan EAN code data, then the information will be retained but the coding will be changed. Please do not forget to set the parameters of the serial port in the appropriate control panel of your computer, or you are hardly likely to get the desired result!

You can abandon the scanning process by pressing the key combination [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Alt].

Generate barcode(s)

After you have define all settings to suit your wishes, please click this button or press the [Return] key. The created barcode will be placed directly in your document layout.

Warning: If a vector graphic frame was selected in your document before you created a new barcode, the content of this vector frame will be replaced by the new vectorially created barcode. This might be an advantage because the barcode may be placed directly at the desired position of your layout. However you might lose important contents of vector frames that should not have been filled with the barcode.

It is better therefore to deselect all frames, if appropriate, before you execute the Barcode generator. The first barcode will be generated then in a new vector graphic frame at the document position X=1.0 cm, Y=1.0 cm. (Further automatically generated barcode vector frames will be placed 4 mm to the right and to the bottom in each case.)

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