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Barcodes can be found in all areas of daily life today. You can find them everywhere: In shops and supermarkets, on pharmaceutical packages or on the box of your new VCR. Basically barcodes can be used anywhere to check the product flow using machines or computers, such as in production processes, in storage and in the retail trade for instance. The wide spectrum of possible uses has created many different barcoding schemes that differ in their information density and character-sets. From about 200 existing types of barcodes we implemented the most frequently used ones in this module. If your special code should be missing, we might be able to extend our module to include it.

The following is a short description of all available barcode schemes with their uses and special features. Please make sure you add sufficient white space to the left and right of your barcodes in the layout, and also when increasing successive codes with variable lengths you do not exceed 30 digits.

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