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Code 2/5

Of the code family 2/5 (read two from five), both of the most important representatives are implemented. The 2/5 code is a numeric code with variable length. Thus you can only code numerals from 0 to 9.

Code 2/5 Industrial

The 2/5 Industrial is the oldest code of the 2/5 family. It was developed back in 1968 and is in use e.g. in stores, on flight tickets or on photo processing envelopes. It only provides a very small information density.

Code 2/5 Interleaved

The best known and most used barcode from the 2/5 family. It is very often used in industry and goods distribution areas and contains a much higher information density than the 2/5 Industrial. As the numbers here are coded in pairs, numbers with an odd number of digits can be coded only by adding a leading zero. This is done by the Barcode module automatically.

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