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Code 39

Until 1975 barcodes could only offer the ten numerals plus some special characters. The Code 39, often called 3/9 as well, for the first time offered a larger character-set. To the numerals 0 to 9 are added by the capital letters from A to Z and the special characters -, ., $, /, +, % plus the space character. The asterisk * is always used as start and stop sign. Its input is optional and can be added by the Barcode module automatically. It is recommended that very long codes are split into two or even more shorter codes to enhance their readability. If the first character in a barcode field is a space character, the barcode decoder takes the new information and appends it in its buffer to the codes decoded before (eliminating the space). Often the special characters of this code define special functions or escape codings. So this code is of interest to everyone who wants to handle clear text information in barcodes.

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