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A click on this icon starts the export process using the parameters set in the main part of the function panel (these are described in later sections). Depending on the selected format, you may like to select further parameters:

Pixel graphic formats:

Colour depth: Here you can choose whether your export should be made in monochrome (1 bit), in 16 colours/greyscales (4 bit), in 256 colours/greyscales (8 bit), TrueColor RGB (24 bit) or in TrueColor CMYK (32 bit). If you export RGB data in CMYK, then it will be separated automatically with the separation control curves set in the Calamus Colour separation module.
The options 8/24 bit RGB, 8/24 bit CMY and 8/32 bit CMYK exports each selected colour layer (or channel) as an 8 bit geyscale image, also if necessary after a separation process.

Format: Here you can specify for certain image formats (e.g. TIFF) whether the export should be in the Intel (PC, Atari) or Motorola (Macintosh) format. Though most modern graphics programs import both variants without problems, it is selectable here for the sake of compatibility in case the program does not import automatically.

Compression: Some image formats have the option of storing image data in a compressed format, so that they require less space on the hard drive. As the compression takes some time to calculate and may not be supported by all graphics programs, it can be switched on or off here.

Picture size: Some image formats are restricted as to their maximum size. Here you can choose whether the exported area should have the excess cut off once the maximum image size is reached (Original) or whether the proportions of the area to be exported are to be adapted to the maximum size of the image format (Fit).

Please note that not all options are available with all image formats. A listing of the features of the individual image formats can be found in an earlier part of this chapter.

Calamus CVG:

For Calamus CVG export you can choose whether exporting should be in Calamus 1.09 (grey) or in Calamus SL format (RGB colour). In addition you can choose to export vector areas or shapes as Filled or as Outline only.

GEM metafile:

With GEM metafile export you can choose whether the graphic may contain only the 16 GEM system colours (VDI) or whether it is to be exported in RGB colours (All). In addition you can switch off the use of Beziér curves; in that case the curves will be broken up into short line sections. Furthermore you can choose to export vector shapes as Filled or as Outline only.


With JPEG export you can choose the output quality of your image data. The range begins at 0 (minimum) and ends at 10 (maximum). A popup menu offers four steps (1/4/7/10) as a text pre-selection.

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