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Brush colour

In this function group you can set the colour that you wish to paint with in the graphic frame. Its selection is described in the Colour chapter. You can use both list colours and free colours, and alter them as described in Colour management. Changing the brush colour by clicking on a list entry does not alter its current shape.

With a colour of white the brush works as an eraser. The paint colour Transparent does nothing at all in the Brush module – it acts as if there was no colour in the brush.

Colour picker

The Brush module has a colour picker function, which is somewhat hidden, unfortunately.

After you have selected a raster image, switch over to the Colour selection function group. If you now move the mouse cursor over the graphic while holding down the [Shift] key, the current brush will turn into a hollow cross. When you now click on a point in the graphics frame, the colour under the cross-hairs will appear in the colour list of this function group in the current free colour field (at the head of the list), and the brush will adopt the picked colour.

Furthermore, holding down both the [Shift] key and the mouse button while you move the cursor round the image will display the RGB values of each current point in the free colour field. (Note that neither of these functions will work in monochrome screen resolutions, as the pixels of the dithered colours are only black or white.)

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