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The Brush module –
Raster graphics (not just) for weekend painters

The Brush module offers you a simple way of modifying raster graphics. With it you can retouch scanned-in images, for instance, correct scanning errors and achieve other effects. For this the complete Calamus colour palette is available to you. You also have a free choice of the brushes: 19 predefined and one variable brush shape are at your service. That's not all: You have the possibility of altering the brush size continuously with all brush shapes.

You can call up the Brush module by a click on its icon in the Top row (if necessary use External modules in the File menu to load BRUSH.CXM first). It is made up of two function groups: Brush selection, and colour/fill-pattern selection. The latter has been described several times elsewhere, for instance in the Colour and Colour management chapters.

Working with the Brush module

In order to modify a raster graphic, it (or the corresponding frame) has to be selected first. To do this, just click anywhere within the relevant raster graphic frame. You can then paint within this frame with the current brush.

If the current raster graphic frame has no content yet, an alert informs you about the empty frame and then the following dialog box appears where you can set the parameters of the raster graphic frame to be created:

As soon as the mouse cursor is moved into a selected raster graphic frame, it takes on the shape of the current brush. This shape can be chosen in the first function group of this Brush module.

To paint with the brush, select the desired brush shape, and choose a colour in the second function group (see below). Then move the mouse cursor to the point in the graphic frame where you want to start painting and, holding down the left mouse button, drag the brush over the graphic. It will put down the chosen colour until you release the button. Afterwards you can make further strokes with the same brush, or change to a different shape and/or colour.

Important: Your changes in an image will be accepted when you right-click somewhere outside the image frame!

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