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Set grid lines

A raster of grid lines can be produced with this function. Click on the appropriate icon and the following dialog box appears:

In the upper section you can set the point of origin (zero position) and size of the grid. With the Zero point X and Zero point Y edit fields you can move the grid raster around the page as described for rulers in the Set starting coordinates chapter of the Frame editing module. The spacing of the grid lines in horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) directions can be set with the corresponding edit fields for Raster width. The units of measurement are, as usual, those clicked on for Page size in the Page module. Any existing old grid raster will disappear and the new one will be displayed, provided the grid lines are visible (see below, Visibility function group).

The position and size of existing frames does not alter at first. Only if you move them or change their size manually will they snap to the new grid raster, provided this is magnetic.

New here too is the possibility of applying the settings only to the current master page, or globally to all master pages.

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HomeNumeric placementSet multiple columnsMagnetic frame range