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Magnetic frame range

The width of the border area for magnetic frames can be set with this function. This is the distance from the edge of the current frame within which frames will snap to each other automatically. It is described in fuller detail in the Visibility section below.

Click on the appropriate icon and the following dialog box appears:

You can determine in this dialog the magnetic frame range – the distance inside and outside the frame that magnetic frame guidelines will be drawn automatically round a frame. This distance too can be set to different values for the horizontal and vertical direction. When changing any existing values the same applies as for the raster grid: Frames that already exist will only snap to magnetized guidelines when they are reselected.

Here too you can make the settings apply only to the current master page, or globally to all master pages.

As usual, a click on the [OK] button or pressing the [Return] key terminates input in this dialog. If you wish, you can save any changes with the Save button.

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