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Palette colours

The Palette colours colour system is only available if you have loaded at least one colour palette module. The Calamus SL standard package at present includes the color systems HKS, Focoltone and Pantone.

If more than one colour palette has been loaded, then you can use an additional Col.palette popup to switch between the colour palettes.

Palette colours are pre-mixed colours that always lie in the CMYK colour system, so contain 32-bit colour information, and they cannot be altered by the Calamus colour separation process. If you use the HKS 25 colour in a document, for instance, and imageset this document via colour separations, you will get the same four colour printing films (C-M-Y-K) as if you had not used an HKS colour. This HKS 25 colour is available already CMYK-separated, so that no further print colour film has to be produced during imagesetting. The values that represent the colour shade HKS 25 can be distributed directly during imagesetting to the four process colour print films C-M-Y-K (and rasterized accordingly).

Please note when using palette colours that on principle these cannot be 100 % identical to the original colours of the individual palette systems. An original HKS 25 colour as a spot colour is simply something different to an HKS 25-approximating mixture of the four process colours CMYK, even if they approach HKS 25 as closely as possible.

With the Search: field you can find the desired quickly in long colour palette lists. If you then click on the Assign name button, the relevant pallette colour name will be assigned to the colour entry in the document colour list (at the left of the dialog). This saves you having to type in the palette colour name again in the document colour list.

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