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Colour sliders

The colour sliders display the current values of a colour in the according system, i.e. percentage (%) for CMYK, CMY and K colour values, real integer values (0–255) for RGB and saturation (0–360 degrees) for the IHS' S value.

As there are 8 bits per colour available in TrueColor with 32 bit colour depth, and you can only represent 256 values with 8 bits, it is not possible to alter the colour values in per-mill (thousandth) steps. Therefore you will find that when typing in colour values or scrolling the sliders the numbers will be rounded off to apparently arbitrary values. This is due to this conversion of 256 values to a 100 percent scale.

With a double-click on the left or right arrow of the horizontal colour sliders you can make their value jump to their start resp. end position respectively. The [Tab] key too can be used in the sliders, making the most varied inputting options available.

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