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Colour list buttons

The New colour button enters a new colour into the document colour list. If the list already contains colour entries, then the colour selected last will be copied and its name adopted for the new colour.

If you want to create a free colour (a new one not present yet) then you have to first deselect the document list colour. To do this hold down the [Shift] key and click on the currently selected colour entry.

Now you can create a new free colour. It will not appear in the document colour list (until you use the COL_CONV.CXM module to incorporate it or click on the New colour button).

The Delete colour button removes the currently selected colour from the document colour list. If this colour has not been used previously in the document then no further message appears regarding this deletion. Otherwise you will be requested to choose another colour from the list of other document colours to replace the one to be deleted. Note that if you do not choose a replacement you can not delete the colour!

The Save and Load buttons write the current colour list with the extender CFT (Calamus Farb-Tabelle = Calamus Colour Table) to a file or load a list into the Edit colour list dialog respectively. During loading you have the option of supplementing an existing colour list with the new list, or overwriting it. If you cannot load a colour list, check whether the Document converter (DOC_CONV.CXM) has been loaded. Because even Calamus colour tables are documents, which have used different formats over the years and so may have to be converted into the current format.

Tip: If you want Calamus to make a given colour list available at program launch, save the desired colour list with the name DEFAULT.CFT in the MODULES folder!

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