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Enhanced colour functions

If you click on the Functions ... button, a further dialog box appears in which you can modify the complete colour list in various ways.

The left half of the dialog controls a Colour system converter. If you want to convert all colours that are present in a given colour system to another colour system, use the functions in this area. If, say, you wish to convert all RGB colours, click on the corresponding radio button at left under Source and on that of the desired new colour system (such as CMYK) under Target on the right. A click on Convert colour system button converts directly all RGB colours of the whole document colour list to CMYK colours. You will be returned immediately to the Edit colour list main dialog.

If you wish to sort the whole colour list, then you have various sorting modes available in the top right panel. Select the desired mode and click on Sort colour list. All colours of the document colour list will be resorted immediately and you will be returned to the main dialog once more.

The Convert grey to K panel is a special form of the Colour system converter. It converts all grey values in the document colour list (i.e. all values in the K system, all identical values in RGB and CMY colour systems) into the correct, pre-separated CMYK colour values. This means, for instance, that K30 will be turned into C0 M0 Y0 K30. Simple switching of the colour system from K to CMYK would produce C30 M30 Y30 K0 instead. The result of this would be that when imagesetting this grey value, nothing at all would appear in the black separation film while 30 % would be output in each of the three C-M-Y colour separations films. In itself that wouldn't be too serious, but with offset printing, for instance, the result is never really a 30 % grey but a muddy brown between 40 and 50 %. A simple switching of R0 G0 B0 (RGB black) to CMYK would result in C100 M100 Y100 K0, which offset printing would reproduce as a muddy black made up from cyan, magenta and yellow, whereas a 100 % black in the black separation film was actually desired. The Convert grey to K converter will produce the required result by converting the above-mentioned RGB black correctly to C0 M0 Y0 K100.

So for safety's sake, don't forget to make use this function of the grey to K converter before outputting the data for imagesetting.

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