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Define control codes

This dialog offers you the possibility to alter the three control code setups to suit your wishes. To change a setup, click first on one of the three large numbered buttons at the right of this dialog to call up the corresponding setup parameters.

The three different display setups (buttons 1, 2 and 3) share one and the same set of measurement units. However different units of measurement can be set for each text window. When selecting units of measurement you can choose between those set for the page size, the font size and the line size. The units in question can be set, as usual, in the Page module.

This dialog contains all the control codes that Eddie can display arranged in groups. At the right of each code there are two fields whose contents determine how this character is to be presented (displayed) and how it is to be handled:

In the left field you will find the type of presentation; a click on it opens a popup menu where you can select one of the following:

means that this control code will not be displayed in the Eddie text window. In that case it will only be visible in the text magnifier line.
Short form
ensures that this control code will be displayed in the short form in Eddie's text window. As a rule the abbreviation for the code will then be displayed enclosed between square brackets. This is also the type of display that is used by the text magnifier line at the top of the window.
Long form with parameters
ensures that a great deal of information about this control code will be displayed in the text window.

In the right field you can see how the control code will be handled in the Replace (overwrite) mode. Here too there are three different possibilities:

means that the control code will be treated as a single character and will be simply overwritten.
Move (as in Insert mode)
means that the code will be moved by the write cursor, i.e. any new text will be inserted before it. This option is sensible so that ruler and style information should not be lost, for instance.
Ignore (skip)
has the result that the code remains in place at its original position. The write cursor in Replace mode will simply jump over the control code, without affecting it.

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