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(Complex search & replace)
(Joker expansion)
(Search/replace settings)
(Select search/replace texts)

Active block replaces all other blocks
Automatic saving and loading of texts

Block functions/Tools

Character assignments
Close window, text flow back to frame
Convert to CAPITALS/lower case
Copy block to system clipboard
Copy blocks
Copy text macro

Data transfer and editing
Define block marking
Define colours
Define control codes
Define new text macro
Define scrolling in windows
Define separator text
Define word hyphens
Define wrap mode
Delete active block by writing
Delete all empty blocks
Delete blocks
Delete text macro

Eddie key bindings
Eddie mouse clicks
Eddie text macros
Eddie: Key bindings and mouse clicks
Edit control code
Edit text macro

Flow text from Eddie window to frame

Go to next block
Go to previous block
Go to text marker

Insert control code
Insert text marker
Insert text marker with key binding
Invert state of Control key
Invert state of Shift key

Keyboard input

Let's start
Load macro list
Load setup

Move block to system clipboard
Move blocks

Open new window with text from frame
Open Search & replace window

Paste text from system clipboard

Replace mode

Save macro list
Save setup
Search & replace of simple text
Search and replace options
Show module information
Simulate left mouse-click
Simulate right mouse-click
Space indicator on/off
Switch off all simulations

Take text from frame to Eddie window
Text markers

Undo: Forward
Undo: Forward to end
Undo: Only record single events
Undo: Rewind
Undo: Rewind to start
Undo: Start/Stop
Use control code setup 1
Use control code setup 2
Use control code setup 3
Use separator text

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