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Show popup

Here you can make various settings for the display of the control curves, which are also saved in the setup file.

The Show popup behaves differently to the usual popups, as it contains entries that can be switched on and off by clicking on them. When switched on, the entry is preceded by a tick.

Help grid

Selecting this entry switches the help grid on and off. The scaling will depend on the unit of measurement selected in the Edit control points dialog.

Reference control curve

When this is switched on, a reference control curve (serving as a model for modifying real control curves) will be included in the graphical working area.

Connect points

When this is switched on, the points set with the Freehand tool will be drawn connected by a line. This entry has no effect on any of the other tools.

Support-points colour

When this is switched on, the control or reference points are displayed in the colour of the control curve they belong to, instead of the normal red. This is useful when all the control curves are switched on for editing simultaneously with the Bézier tool, for instance.

All lines in black

Because with some monitors and brightness settings the cyan and yellow control curves in particular may be hard to see clearly with the human eye (I don't know what your cat will say to that!), it may be sensible to choose this mode of operation. In that case all control curves will be drawn in black.

Calculate greyscales

To help visualise the colour or greyscale distribution, greyscale wedges for the X- and greyscale or colour wedges for the Y-direction can be calculated and diplayed. They represent the tone value range from 0 to 255.

The upper greyscale represents the input values along the horizontal axis, the lower wedge, which can be switched on with this function, the assigned output values (along vertical axis).

At each termination of a function (releasing the mouse button!) the lower wedge will be updated and offers realistic clues about the resultant tone value changes in the image.

Exception: The greyscales can not be calculated for greyscale pictures with LUT (Look Up Table).

Show preview

This switch does not really have to explained, does it? – Oh well:

Calamus at last has a real Preview function.

If Show preview is selected in the Show popup, a preview of the expected result appears in a frame below the popup fields, provided this is possible. Naturally this only works if the control curve(s) being modified is/are to be applied to images.

100% edit field

If you click on the edit field, a small popup opens in which you can either input any value between 5 % and 5000 % manually, or you can choose between the buttons 100 % and Fitting.

The last ensures that a magnification is calculated that lets the whole image fill the width of the frame around the preview box.

Alternatively clicking on the [-] and [+] buttons below the preview box can alter the zoom magnification in 5 % steps between 5 % and 5000 %.

If only part of the image is shown in the preview box, you can change the portion that is visible by grabbing the image with the mouse and dragging it.

FrankLIN remembers whether and with which zoom setting and image portion a picture associated with a control curve set was displayed previously in the FrankLIN preview. The corresponding last settings will be adopted.

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